Camp OC Consents and Informed Parental Consent Form FAQs

How do I fill out the Parental Consent form? 

You will be asked to fill in the information for the Parental Consent before you are able to check out and pay for camps you are registering for. Please see the online guide (link to guide) for assistance in completing the Parental Consent Form.   

Personal information collected on the Parental Consent form is collected and protected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used for the purposes of Camp OC program administration. This form is primarily for staff use. Information on this form may also be provided to 911 personnel in the event of an emergency. Direct any questions about this collection to the Office of the Registrar at (250) 862-5418.

**Please Note: **  
You only need to do one Parental Consent form per child per summer (no matter how many camps they attend). If you are registering more than one child, each child will have their own form.  

For more information on medical, photo, and software consent, please review your Parental Consent Form in your family account online.   


My Child has a CEA working with them during the regular school year. Can you provide us with extra help in the classroom? 

If your child regularly has CEA support in the classroom, we encourage you to send a CEA or support person with them to camp. Please be sure to include any details and important information regarding how to make your child’s experience at Camp OC as positive as possible on the Parental Consent form.


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