How to create an account

Use the following information to guide you and help you get started. For more detailed instructions for account and registration information, you can download the pdf guide here

Family Login account creation 

Use this to create a family account. You will be able to add additional family members to the family account to make registration easier. 

  1. Create a New Family Account using your information and your primary email address 

  1. You will be prompted to add family members once you have created your account 

  1. You will receive a password activation link in the email address you provided 

  1. You will need to activate your password within 30 minutes of receiving the email notification 

  • If you were unable to activate your password within this timeframe, click “Forgot Password” under “I have a Family Account already” 

Adding children to your family account 

In the “Family Members” page, you can add children by clicking on “Add a Member” then “Add a Family Member”. Repeat this process for multiple children.  


Completing the parental consent form 

You must complete the parental consent form before you will be able to complete the registration of your child(ren) into a camp. 

In the “Family Members” page, click on “My Forms” to access the parental consent form. Click on “Start” for each child and then “Submit Form” to complete the consent form.  

You may now register your child(ren) into camps! 


Register your child into camps

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