General Camp FAQs

How do I register my child/children? 

We introduced a new registration system for Summer 2023. We thank you for your patience as we continue to work through this new system.

If you encounter problems or issues, please let us know so we can address them. 

Please see the online registration guide for assistance in creating an account to register.  

How do I withdraw my child from a camp? 

To withdraw from a camp, please login to your family account online and request the drop or the transfer through your family member’s Enrollment History.

Please see the online withdrawal guide for assistance in dropping a camp.  

The camp my child wants is full, what happens now?  

We encourage parents to put their child on the waitlist as we do our best to accommodate waitlists where we can. You can join the waitlist by selecting the "Join the Waitlist" button when you select a camp section to enroll in. If you are trying to waitlist for a camp and are unable, please email and we will put you on the waitlist.

My child is on the waitlist for camp, what happens now? 

Spaces become available all the time in camps. Please see the Waitlist Process for more information on waitlists.  

How old do you have to be to come to Camp OC? 

All children attending Camp OC must turn 6 years old before December 31 of the year they are attending Camp.  

I have two kids, different ages, but I want them in the same camp. Is that possible? 

We design camps to fit each age group’s need and learning levels. We generally do not allow campers to register in an incorrect age group or camp, as the camp experience will not be ideal for the child as well as other children in the camp.   

Camp OC age ranges are grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12, in fall of 2024.

If, due to medical/developmental exceptionalities, you feel your child would do better in a certain age group, please contact the Camp Coordinator at your campus to discuss.  

What is the payment process?

Payment for camp is required prior to registration.

Registration must be completed online in your family account. You will need to pay with a VISA or MasterCard credit card or VISA or MasterCard credit debit card only. 

Do you offer subsidies for low-income families? 

Currently we do not have funding for subsidies or discounted tuition, however we are working on a few new initiatives to make Camp OC accessible for all. 

My child has a food allergy (peanut, egg, milk etc). Can they still join the cooking camps?  

We do our best to accommodate allergies; however, we cannot guarantee your child will be able to eat everything they create. The skills and concepts of cooking will still be covered. We will do our best to plan for your child. All creations made will be nut free.  

Please note any allergies on the Parental Consent Form. If needed, please contact your campus Camp OC Coordinator to discuss further.  

My child has a medical condition; can they still come to camp? 

Yes. We want your child to have a positive experience at Camp OC, therefore, it is important that we are alerted of any medical condition that may affect your child’s safety at camp. If your child suffers from a medical condition or you have other concerns, this must be noted on the Parental Consent form.  

If needed, please contact your campus Camp OC Coordinator to discuss further.  


How do I fill out the Parental Consent form? 

You will be asked to fill in the information for the Parental Consent before you are able to check out and pay for camps you are registering for.

Personal information collected on the Parental Consent form is collected and protected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used for the purposes of Camp OC program administration. This form is primarily for staff use. Information on this form may also be provided to 911 personnel in the event of an emergency. Direct any questions about this collection to the Office of the Registrar at (250) 862-5418.

**Please Note: **  
You only need to do one Parental Consent form per child per summer (no matter how many camps they attend). If you are registering more than one child, each child will have their own form.  

For more information on medical, photo, and software consent, please review your Parental Consent Form in your family account online.   


My Child has a CEA working with them during the regular school year. Can you provide us with extra help in the classroom? 

If your child regularly has CEA support in the classroom, we encourage you to send a CEA or support person with them to camp. Please be sure to include any details and important information regarding how to make your child’s experience at Camp OC as positive as possible on the Parental Consent form.


My Child lost something at camp. What can we do? 

All items left behind at camp are laid out daily for campers to look through the next day. Parents are also welcomed to call the Continuing Studies office or come by during operating hours to check the Lost and Found themselves. To reduce the number of lost items, please ensure your child’s belongings are properly labeled with their first and last name. At the end of summer, all unclaimed items are disposed of or donated to a local charity.

What should my child bring to Camp? 

Please pack a comfortable backpack that fits your child properly with the following items daily:

  • A large water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray and a hat

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather and participation in physical activities outside rain or shine

  • Closed-toed shoes if attending a Trades or Cooking camp.

  • A nutritious lunch including 2 healthy snacks. Due to allergies, please do not include any nut butters or nut snacks. Campers will not be able to purchase food at camp and will not have access to the cafeteria or vending machines. 

  • Emergency supplies if applicable. E.g. mask, inhalers, medication for allergies etc. On the first day, let the staff know where the emergency supplies are in their backpack

  • Small portable umbrella on rainy days (optional).

Please note: we recommend labeling all personal items. All unlabeled lost and found will be disposed of. Our staff will do their best to help participants keep track of their items, however we will not be held responsible for any lost or broken items. 

Why is the room number not on my receipt?  

We sometimes run into room, software, or scheduling issues, so this year you will be emailed the week prior to camp starting with your camp room number. We have Camp OC staff out every Monday morning to help guide you to the correct room.  

Please see sections below for campus specific information regarding drop off and pick up. 

Do I have to pay for parking? 

No, parking is free during pick up and drop off.  

Are early drop off and late pick-up services available? 

Drop off for Camp is between 8 and 8:30 am. Please note there are no planned activities before 8:30 am. 

Pickup is at 3:30 pm, staff is here until 4pm. 

In Kelowna and Penticton, we offer "After Camp Care" for an additional fee, from 3:30-5 pm 

Are lunch or snacks provided? 

No, we do not provide lunch or snacks to the campers. Parents are required to provide their child with lunch, snacks, and drinks (nut-free, please). 

Do kids have access to vending machines? 

No, campers will not have access to vending machines.

What happens at lunch time and breaks? 

Lunch and breaks are generally spent outside. 

When required (such as smoke or heat), campers will have access to inside play, games, and activities. 

What does a day at camp look like? 

Camp OC runs similarly to school. We spend time outside each morning, lunch, and afternoon. While in the classroom, we work on camp specific projects, tasks, and activities. 

What if the weather is poor, will you still go outside? 

Summers in the Okanagan are awesome! We always strive for the campers attending Camp OC to be outside for most or a portion of the day. Please dress accordingly. 

With the increase in wildfires and smoke it is not always possible to be outside. Please note that we will be following the Air Quality index and may have to accommodate activities and activity levels accordingly. 

How many kids are in a camp? 

Anywhere from 10-20 campers per camp. 

Who teaches your camps? 

Most of the Camp OC instructors are teachers by trade. They are all professional educators with experience in teaching. All Camp OC instructors and employees have complete background checks (Criminal Record Checks). Many also have First Aid training. 

What is the staff to camper ratio?

We have one teacher for each camp with up to 20 campers.  

Most camps also have additional camp helpers to assist in the classrooms. 

Will there be field trips?

Some of the camps will have field trips. An additional Field trip form will be handed out in class, if applicable. 


Note: These FAQs are general to all Campuses. Please review site-specific FAQ's below.

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