Penticton FAQs

Note: These FAQs are specific to Penticton camps. Please review the All camps FAQs for additional information.

Where do I park, and do I have to pay? 

As you enter the Penticton Campus, take your first left and park in Parking Lot 1. Parking is free during pick up and drop off. 

Where is the Admin and/or Camp office? 

The Penticton Admin Office is in the Ashnola Building – PL building. View campus map.  

Where do I go for drop off/Sign in and pick up/sign out? 

Drop off and pick up will be done in your child’s assigned camp classroom 

What happens first day of camp? 

We will have a greeter in front of the Centre of Excellence Building to welcome the Campers and show you where to go. View campus map. Once all campers have arrived and been signed in, we will have an assembly to go over all Camp OC expectations and tour the campus.  

Where is After Camp Care? 

After Camp Care is in the cafeteria. Campers in After Camp Care can be picked up here between 3:30 and 5pm.  


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