Salmon Arm FAQs

Note: These FAQs are specific to Salmon Arm camps. Please review the All camps FAQs for additional information.

There is ample parking at the Salmon Arm campus, both if you arrive from the 24 ST NE (driving past the Shaw Centre and the Rec Centre) and a smaller drop-off and pick-up parking at the back of the campus (if arriving via 5 AVE NE). Parking is free. Campus map is available here: Campus Maps | Okanagan College


The Main Admin Office is located in the larger main building of the Salmon Arm Campus, immediately on your left after the main entrance near the roundabout.

Please go to the back of the Main Building of the Salmon Arm Campus (between the small pond, basketball court and the small parking lot at 5 AVE NE) this will be the drop-off area in the morning and pickup-area in the afternoon. You will see one or two check-in tables there and will be greeted by camp instructors and attendants.

A camp instructor or appropriate camp attendant will meet you and your kids at the drop-off location in the morning. Once all kids have arrived, the instructors will take them indoors into their respective classrooms. If you arrive late the first day, please proceed to the Main Admin Office of the Salmon Arm Campus.

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